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A rather pandemic update

Published Apr 20, 2020

Hi people! Nice seeing you again. I hope I can catch you all up to my latest news and projects. Here’s a changelog from February of this year: I have…

  1. Created the project related pics, which is open source and the code can be found on my GitHub here
  2. Made a simple script for doing the 6-photo grid Instagram effect Github repo
  3. Experimented with the blur effects in CSS (demo here)
  4. Started learning Fluttter, which is a cross-platform mobile first app creation platform and I am currently developing something very exciting with it.
  5. Re-done my whole entire website (expect the blog part) and I am kinda proud of it (check it out here
  6. Made a minecraft server init script in Python (on GitHub)
  7. After many complaints from Michal Kučera I added the S plural formatting to CountDowner

And most importantly… Created the COVID 19 realtime-counter and the COVID 19 logger (thanks to EliteDaMyth for the API and Worldometers for the numbers)

Hope you are dealing with quarantine well, until next time!