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A new website... again

Published Jul 03, 2020

On May 14, 2019, I officially published my website sitting at It all was pretty good, but I wanted an alternative. For some reason, I couldn’t get GitHub pages set up with HTTPS. I hated seeing the not secure warning in my browser (although I solved this a couple weeks ago by routing through CloudFlare). I also wanted to have a static webpage, no builds, just static assets. I didn’t exactly need anything fancy for my profile landing page. Thanks to my sponsors and donors, I was able to buy a domain, which at the end turned out to be (my surname without any vowels). The TLD .dev was chosen, because I think that the .codes TLD is a bit long and .com is commercial, so .dev seemed like the best option. It is hosted by Vercel, so pretty neat. So, go check it out. I am going to work on it in the following weeks, so expect a lot of cool stuff!