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Published Nov 09, 2019

In the evening of the 25th of October, 2019 (UTC), I stumbled upon a tweet from @MrBeastYT

I quickly started looking into what it is, and I’ve fallen in love with it since. TeamTrees is run by the Arbor Day Foundation, which agreed to cooperate with a lot of big creators on YouTube, to raise $20,000,000 by 1/1/2020. But ok, this is a blog about technologies and stuff like that, so how dare I talk about this? Don’t worry, this was just the buildup. About 30 minutes in the research of what TeamTrees is, I noticed how lame the counter of planted trees on the site is. counter

I needed to do something so much better. I would like it so, that it would regularly update when the number on the website changes and I would like to make it a rich full-screen (with dark mode (uwu) experience. So I sat down by my computer and wrote a simple Python API I hosted the project with Zeit now, so I had my API endpoint done. Now I went ahead to create the front-end. First I wanted to it with PHP, but for better flexibility, I settled with JavaScript.

You can find the final result here (repo here)

my counter

Then I realized there was no data to be found on the entire internet regarding stats for Teamtrees. So I made a simple script that got the data and saved it into a CSV. You can find all the data here and here is the chart with the data until 8/11/2019: chart

Thanks, people, see you again soon!