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Coding in the cloud (GitHub Codespaces vs. GitPod)

Published Jul 29, 2020

GitHub Codespaces

Codespaces are awesome. They are one of the coolest GitHub products in my opinion. They offer a very familiar experience to VS Code and GitHub.

  • (+) All your VS Code stuff gets synced
  • (+) You can use all the VS Code keyboard shortcuts
  • (+) You can have setup scripts with a dotfiles repo (see mine for some inspiration)
  • (-) You only get about 4 GB of RAM (should be enough in most circumstances though)
  • (-) You are limited to 5 active Codespaces


GitPod is quite a nice alternative to Codespaces. With their browser extension, it is fairly simple to open a repo in your browser and start working. I am running the Jekyll Admin server on GitPod for writing this article!

  • (+) You get a whopping 60 GB of RAM
  • (+) You can install your extensions just for a single project, or for your whole account
  • (+) You can have as many projects as you want, but they will be deleted after 10 days of inactivity (shouldn’t generally be a problem)
  • (-) You can download a limited amount of extensions
  • (-) You have to enable autosave for every project manually
  • (-) There is a timeout for the IDE