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On a date with Interclip

Published Jan 31, 2021

Interclip has been getting a lot of updates recently, most prominently of all (and unbeknown to most) have been the changes on the server-side. I have upgraded the underlying architecture behind Interclip. I now have a much more powerful VM for faster operations and API calls. I have also moved the Database from an external webserver to a local one, nearly 10x its speed.


Alongside that, I have coded my first rate-limiter into Interclip (#53), so that I would prevent some DOS attacks, and I have also coded a piece of code that deletes clips older than a month (any current clips are not affected), both features were shipped in v3.2.4. I fixed a ton of bugs and added a lot of more UI changes, all in versions from v3.2.1 to v3.2.5

Interclip mobile

I released v0.2.2, which updates the API to v2 among some UI bug fixes. Interclip mobile is now on the Play Store, too! (App Store is coming soon, I just need to sort some things out).

iclip-ext AKA Interclip in the browser

Use Chrome, Opera, Edge, Brave, Firefox, or any Chromium or Firefox-based browser? Now you can create clips easily with 1 click. I just thought ofo it one day in a Discord call with @vlada_svoboda and I find it as a big time saver. So go download it! It’s open-source as is the deal with close to everything I do nowadays.

Download it on Chrome or Firefox. Safari support coming perhaps in the following months.

Interclip desktop

Because of Interclip’s APIv2, Interclip’s Desktop app has also been upgraded alongside some performance and stability updates. I will release v0.3.0 soon.


I made the code a lot easier to read and renamed the library from just Embed to embed.js. It also now proxies all of its embeds through iclip-external.

Also, that ugly is now, thanks, sponsors! [Deprecation tweet]

Thanks for the two years together, guys <3